Vienna Forum on the MENA Region (11 – 14 December 2012)

A series of public and closed events taking place in the framework of the
ICG Annual Retreat held in Vienna
December 11 – 14, 2012

The Herbert C. Kelman Institute strives for constant exchange with ICG analysts for its engagement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the MENA region in general. In this context, the HKI proposed the Vienna ICG Forum, which is hosted by the OIIP in cooperation with the BMeiA, BMLVS and Renner-Institut. Distinguished analysts in the region deliver insights into the current state of the region. Topics are regional processes triggered by recent developments of the so called “Arabic Spring” and its repercussions on the region and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet also, follow up events on the subject of the conflict itself and its envisioned solution are taking place subsequently in cooperation with the University of Klagenfurt.


  • Tuesday, 11.12.2012 18:30 Exclusive Round Table Discussion (“Kamingespräch”): “Iran – Demonized or a real threat?” (Venue: Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Berggasse 7, 1090 Vienna)  View Programme
  • Wednesday, 12.12.2012 19:00  – ICG Panel Discussion: “The New Middle East” (Venue: Raiffeisensaal, RZB, Am Stadtpark 9, 1030 Vienna) View Programme
  • Thursday, 13.12.2012 09:00-14:00 ICG Workshops at the Austrian National Defense Academy: “The Future of the MENA Region” (LAVAK Stiftgasse 2A, 1070 Vienna)View Programme
  • Friday, 14.12.2012 18:00-20:00 Follow Up Panel Discussion: “Israel – Palestine: Is a Two-State Solution Still Viable?” (Venue: IFF, Schottenfeldgasse 29, 1070 Vienna)  View Programme