Library for Peace Research
Our reference library specialises in providing resources for peace research and peace building projects. The extensive collection from various disciplines brings different perspectives to the study of peace and conflict transformation. The library is primarily composed of books, but also includes individual editions of relevant journals.

Access to the Library
We welcome scholars of the field to conduct research in our library. All 5,000 volumes are searchable through our local database. Please contact us to make an appointment in order to use our facilities. A photocopier in the library and a copy shop in the building are available for use according to the copyright regulations.

Main Subjects of the Library
The resources of the HKI library mirror the main topics and projects of the Institute. The books are organised according to eight categories. The interdisciplinary approach to the field of peace and conflict research is found in the general theoretical (TH) and the methodological (ME) subject fields. Besides the classics in sociology, philosophy and psychology, there is a special focus on Integrative Conflict Transformation. The general category of conflict regions (CR) contains literature with a focus on Africa, Central Asia and the Balkans. In addition, the HKI library maintains the category Sri Lanka (SL). It holds about 300 items, including monographs, grey (self-published) literature, collections of reports, conference proceedings, and papers – most of them acquired locally. Further categories are Austria (AT), Travel (TR), Religion (RE) and Miscellaneous (MI). The latter contains, in addition to encyclopaedias and reference books, a collection of fictional literature related to the field.