Method development

The HKI provides the following services i.a.:

  • Interactive conflict intervention and counselling
  • Support and process monitoring of peace mediation
  • Conflict sensitive development cooperation
  • Capacity Building, education and training
  • Participatory Action Research, conflict analysis and method development

Approaches and methods applied follow in the long tradition of “Interactive-Problem-Solving” – workshops – a social-psychologically oriented approach of conflict resolution. One of the pioneers of this approach is the Harvard-Professor Herbert C. Kelman, who conducted in the last 40 years more than 50 of those workshops with influential key Israeli and Palestinian persons.

The HKI approach for services is constantly in progress and re-adapted – foremost in cooperation with interdisciplinary research networks, in dialogue with schools and approaches of conflict transformation. At the heart of its re-developments rests the participatory action research in partnership with key persons and dialogue projects in diverse conflict regions.