Peter Schoisswohl

In March 2013, Mag. Peter Schoisswohl graduated at the Johannes Kepler University Linz in the field of Sociology. His thesis “Die Hizbollah: Mehr als nur ein syrischer Stellvertreter? Die Beziehung zwischen der Hizbollah und Syrien seit dem Ta’if-Abkommen von 1989“  (Hezbollah: More than a Syrian proxy? The relationship between Hizbollah and Syria since the Taif Agreement of 1989) is based on a constructivist approach and focuses on common moral concepts, ideas and aims that influence and determine Hezbollah’s and Syria’s introspection as part of a common resistance against Israel and American imperialism.

Since April 2013, Mag. Peter Schoißwohl supports the Herbert C. Kelman Institute in the further development of its theoretical approach.