Sami Aburoza

Sami Aburoza has worked as a legal and policy advisor and consultant in the Middle East, West Africa and South America, including for the Palestinian President’s Office, the Palestine Investment Fund, the Ministry of Education and UNDP. He has been engaged in several legal, economic and communications functions within the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict and is affiliated with the Herbert C Kelman Institute for Interactive Conflict Transformation. He provides consulting and coaching services in the area of organizational transformation, adaptive leadership, and social complexity for private and public sector clients. He is the co-founding managing partner of Y-Motions International ( graduated from Harvard Kennedy School of Government with a 2-year Master in Public Policy and Administration and holds a LLM degree from the University of Graz, Austria and Universidad de Valladolid, Spain. Sami also studied as a Chevening fellow sponsored by Shell in energy economics and geopolitics in the UK and is currently pursuing the International Master in the Practice of Management at McGill and Lancaster University.