A Successful Conclusion to the Third Conference on Intractable Conflicts at Harvard University

After months of intense preparations and two and a half days of inspired and inspiring presentations and discussions, the  conference on the “Transformation of Intractable Conflicts III – Perspectives and Challenges for Interactive Problem Solving” drew to a close at Harvard University!

Many memorable moments will be remembered:

Be it the dignified presentation of the National Order of Merit of the Republic of Austria to Professor Herbert C. Kelman, or the insightful opening discussion with Dr. Shibley Telhami, Professor for Peace at the University of Maryland, and MK Hilik Bar, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, or the joyful celebration in honor of Herbert C. Kelman’s 90th birthday on March 18, 2017…

The group photo below attests to the very positive atmosphere at the conference. More photos coming soon!