Fathom – Beyond Liberal Peacemaking: New Initiatives in Israel

May / 2022

Calev Ben-Dor has published a new article in Fathom, on Beyond Liberal Peacemaking: New Initiatives in Israel. In it, Ben-Dor refers to efforts to engage with non-liberal religious groups to contribute to Israeli-Palestinian peace, including those of the Kelman Institute.

With the peace process frozen, some groups Mosaica, Shrinking the Conflict Initiative, Women Wage Peace, Shaharit, the Herbert C. Kelman Institute, Roots/Shorashim, Siach Shalom/Talking Peace and othersare working under the radar to build an alternative paradigm of peaceful relations between Israelis and Palestinians. They want peace but they define it differently to the classic Western understanding. They seek to improve Israel’s relations with the Palestinians but are disillusioned with the promise of Oslo and much of what it represents. This is their story.